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 You can get your system documented in a few minutes using PWMC SCL Manager.

Be Green!

PWMC SCL Manager Lite software allows to navigate IEC 61850-6 Substation Configuration Language files, by showing important information about the device's or the system's configuration.

Graphical User Interface mimics a web browser, providing icons to open new views and a back button.

Engineering Browser

SCL browsing and could be used to easily find information around DataSets, GOOSE messages or Reports configured in the System or Device.


Inspect configuration in order to verify if engineering correspond with the final one. Each view allows you to filter, by writing text on “Search...” entry box

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Station View

Show any SCL configuration, both a System wide SCD or per IED's ICD file. Use “plus” button to load SCL files to the current Station view.

Station view shows icons to access: DataSets, GOOSE messages, Reports and IEDs.

GOOSE messages View

All SCL file's GOOSE messages are show. As for DataSets, relevant information for fast recognition are shown per GOOSE configured in the Device or Station configuration.

Filter by IED name, GCB

Use search box to filter GOOSE messages. Quick find all your configured ones. If you one message is not completely configured, it is grayout to easy identification.

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Configured Reports

All reports, available configured or not are shown, you can open each for details, like configuration, data, number of associations, if buffered or unbuffered, and more.

Search and find your data source, verify available data per device.

Generate System Documentation in minutes

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Take the Control with AS BUILT information

Post commissioning documentation generation takes time and increase project costs. Finish your configuration and create all tables in minutes.

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